Tips for pest prevention and drain cleaning maintenance

Keeping your drains clean and free from cockroaches, flies and unwanted pests can sometimes be a time consuming duty. Here we have listed a few helpful tips for pest prevention and drain cleaning maintenance.

Did you know?

Cockroaches will eat anything! Yes anything. They can also go without eating for up to 3 months.

Cockroaches are VERY OLD. They’ve been around since primitive times.

They don’t need their heads! Apparently these critters can live without their head for up to 2 weeks.


Some tips for pest prevention and drain cleaning maintenance:

  1. Regularly check seals around drains and drain pipes. Regular drain maintenance is important, so check that drains have not been damaged around grouting or seals. drain-cleaning-maintenance
  2. For flat floor drains with attached grates or lids such as those in restaurant kitchens or butcheries, ensure that the top grate is clear of debris daily. By practicing this daily it will allow water to flow through the drain freely. Put a cleaning plan in place that includes removing the top grate to clean inside the drain entrance. This will allow you to inspect for breeding of pests.
  3. Remove visible food debris from floor drains on a daily basis. This should form part of your cleaning plan.
  4. The ends of drainage pipes can often become blocked or dirty, clean these pipes off regularly. They should be cleaned of any food or other materials that may attract cockroaches or flies.
  5. Ensure that any basins in your establishment are able to drain water quickly. If they do not drain quickly, this may mean the drainage pipes have built up debris inside. Using a drain cleaning solution regularly will help clear out the drainage pipe. This should also be part of your drain cleaning for pest prevention and drain cleaning maintenance
  6. Businesses such as restaurants often have drinking fountains or soft drink lines that may become worn which can cause leaks. These lines should be checked regularly for wear and leaks as the sugars from the soft drinks will attract ants, flies and even cockroaches. Clean spills up immediately.
  7. Drains that are not frequently in use can attract flies and cockroaches. It is imperative to occasionally run water into these drains.
  8. Regular cleaning and scrubbing drainage areas and tops of drains should be part of your daily cleaning programme depending on how often the drains are being used. We find that refuse rooms drainage grates need to be cleaned regularly not only for blockages but to keep pests at for pest prevention and drain cleaning maintenance

Need assistance? Speak to weClean about your daily drain cleaning and maintenance requirements.

If you are having a small fly or cockroach problem speak to your pest control company, they are experts in the field and can provide effective pest control solutions for your business.