Mattress Cleaners Cape Town

weClean provides professional mattress cleaning in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Nothing beats a good night’s rest on a comfortable, clean and hygienic mattress. Although our cleaning system currently does not guarantee dust mite removal our system will “flush out” most impurities out of the mattress upholstery.

Helpful tips on keeping your mattress clean:mattresscleaning2-1024x731

Our lives are not only spent being awake, we spend a large percentage of our lives sleeping. With that said wouldn’t you prefer to keep your bed clean and fresh?

To do so you need to regularly vacuum your mattress on both sides, preferably when you are changing sheet and turning your mattress.

Changing bedding and ensuring the bedding is completely dry also helps keep your mattress fresh.

For mouldy mattresses it is best to put the mattress outside on a hot sunny day after it has been thoroughly vacuumed or professionally cleaned and flushed. If the mattress is completely mouldy or it covers more than half of the mattress, it is suggested that you replace the mattress for health reasons.

Accidents do happen; more often than we would like them to. Cleaning up of urine or a vomit can be a nasty job but the sooner it is cleaned and dried up the better for the health of your mattress. Use paper towel or a absorbent cloth to remove as much of the urine or vomit as possible, use a mild detergent with anti bacterial properties mixed with some water and wipe the area clean until you are satisfied that the area is clean. Take the mattress outside into a sunny area to dry.

If all else fails when trying to keep your mattress clean or stain free call the professionals! We cannot guarantee all stain removal but will guarantee that the mattress you will be sleeping on is “fresh and clean”. weClean suggests that your mattresses are cleaned every 6 months professionally to ensure hygienic sleeping conditions.

We often get asked about stain removal and odour removal. In some cases we have been able to successfully remove stains and odours and sometimes those stains do not budge. Here are some examples:


Blood stains are often difficult or impossible to remove. The longer the blood remains on the mattress, the more difficult it is to remove


Sometimes mattresses get yellow stains on them, this could be the result of sweat (over a period of time) spills of water or other liquids and urine. These stains are probably the most difficult to remove. If you’re looking to remove these stains completely we are not going to be able to guarantee that we can remove it. Sometimes we can lighten them, but mostly these stains remain intact if they have been there for a while already.

There are new and innovative ways that weClean is currently investigating to improve our mattress cleaning services. Contact us today for a no obligation free quote!