weClean offers professional and reliable fogging disinfection services Cape Town by using only the best environmentally friendly disinfection solution available known as Eco-Lyte, a mixed oxidant sanitiser.

What is Eco-Lyte and how does it work?

Eco-Lyte is a powerful non-toxic and fast-acting solution that is effective against viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. This solution contains the key ingredient which is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). This is the same acid our body produces in response to an infection, making the use of Eco-Lyte safe for use around humans and animals. Eco-Lyte is also used in the food and agricultural industry to disinfect surfaces and produce such as fruit and vegetables. Eco-Lyte has been formulated to be used in any environment, making it easy to disinfect walls, floors, tools, machinery, food prep areas and in the home environment. All MSDS and TDS are available from weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions.

How do we carry out the disinfection fogging services Cape Town?

Our team arrives at your office, home, hospital, school, restaurant, bar, religious venue, cinema, kiddies play area or even your vehicle if you suspect it has been contaminated by viruses or bacteria, any visible soiling such as dust should preferably be cleaned before the fogging can take place. The ULV fogging machine sprays a fine mist of Eco-Lyte droplets into the area that requires disinfection making contact with all surfaces that could be contaminated. Our machine is efficient as it is applied very quickly, saving you time and providing a disinfected environment. Surfaces and food items do not need to be rinsed after application.

How does Eco-Lyte (NTL) work?

When Eco-Lyte (NTL) comes into contact with a bacteria or virus it targets the cell structure and causes the rupturing of biochemical bonds, and subsequent loss of function. Basically it creates an imbalance, breaking down the defenses and rendering the micro-organism harmless.


NRSC and SABS Approved Eco-Lyte produced by ECA Technologies and distributed by Innogiene

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