Carpet Cleaning price guide in Cape Town

Today we want to talk about what it costs “roughly” to get your carpets deep cleaned so we have provided a carpet cleaning price guide.

weClean specifically uses the injection extraction method of carpet cleaning. Our machines have two powerful vacuums motors and high pressure pump that sprays either warm or cold water and a solution into the carpet pile and then simultaneously gets sucked up “flushing” the carpet pile, mattress or upholstery clean.

The process involves first vacuuming the area beforehand if the area has not been vacuumed prior to wet cleaning. We identify the stained areas and ensure that we use our specialised formula to try and remove stains. Stain removal is not guaranteed but we do get great results 95% of the time. There is often a stubborn stain that simply does not budge!

How long does the carpet cleaning take?

A standard sized room of about 10 to 15 square meters could take anywhere between 15 minutes to 40 minutes to clean. This depends on various factors such as; how much furniture needs to be moved around and how dirty the carpets are. Some stubborn stains or high traffic areas can be very time consuming to remove completely. So this can only be estimated once our team arrives at your home or office.

What do we require from you when we arrive to carry out the carpet cleaning?

We require water and electricity. Water outages and electricity outages are common place in South African and Cape Town. Thankfully we have load shedding schedules we can use in terms of planning. But unexpected outages can affect the operation of our machine and without water and electricity this can cause delays and can sometimes cost extra in terms of labour hours.

Now we get to the important part.

What does it cost to clean your carpets in the home or office?

Each carpet cleaner may have a different method to clean carpets. Some use the dry powder method and some may use additional machinery such as a single disc scrubber along with an injection extraction machine. So they may have additional costs to cover.

In general, depending on the size of the area carpet cleaners can charge between R10.00m2 and R30.00m2.

At weClean we can charge anything between R13.00 a square meter to R23.50 a square meter. The larger the area, the less we are able to charge per square meter. We have minimum fees of between R800.00 and R1250.00 depending on where you are situated in Cape Town.

What costs do we as carpet cleaners need to cover to ensure we make a profit?

There are several costs that are considered which do affect prices.

  1. Travelling expenses. Petrol prices have increased substantially too.
  2. Wear and tear on our vehicle and most importantly on our machinery
  3. Chemicals
  4. Labour costs

We trust that this 2021 to 2022 carpet cleaning price guide has provided you with some insight in to the prices that can be charged to clean your carpets in the home or office.

Please note that the prices above are only a guide, some areas are very large which may bring down the price per square meter significantly. It would also be best to make contact with us to discuss the exact requirements for the carpet cleaning you may require in your home or office.

For professional cleaning service advice and service in the Cape Town area. Speak to weClean. We can be contacted on 0218026450/1 or send us an email to

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