weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions is not only a contract cleaning company, we also supply chemicals and cleaning equipment to the public and the commercial sector. Our suppliers are some of the top chemical manufacturers in South Africa. Our hygiene products are also of only the best quality. We can also supply food safe cleaning chemicals to restaurants, hotels, food retail stores and meat processing factories.

We have recently added new bio degradable chemicals to our products. The price list is available for download below. Product safety data sheets are also available on request.

Price list – July 2020

Chemical and Hygiene Booklet (12MB approximately) Contains most products sold by weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions.

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All working environments are important to keep clean and germ free. Whether you are working in an office environment or in a hospital, germs and bacteria travel from person to person quickly. Creating a working environment that is germ free is a welcoming feeling to your clients and your employees. A healthy and hygienic workplace is a happy workplace. Which can also help reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

Our range of hygiene equipment:

Skincare Solutions

Air Freshener dispensers and Solutions

Soap and Sanitiser dispensers – We not only fit and supply, we can also maintain these units and supply the soap or sanitiser for these units

Janitorial Equipment – Brooms, mops, trolleys, buckets, vacuum cleaners

weClean offers contract cleaning in Cape Town and the following categories: Commercial, Retail, Office and specified household cleaning.

We offer a variety of specialised and basic services which caters to most industries. weClean is able to tailor make a suitable cleaning solution to most businesses.

Outsourcing your cleaning service could be one of the best choices your business can make. It allows you to focus on your core business instead of worrying about the background cleaning which is of utmost importance to the first impressions your business gives to your clients. Ensuring a clean and healthy working environment is essential as this improves employee productivity in the work place too. Nothing beats a clean and fresh working environment.

Offering professional contract cleaning services in Cape Town is our priority. We manage all of our services closely and ensure that the solutions our clients seek are solutions tailor made to their specific requirements. Our solutions offer labour only or labour, equipment and chemicals too. We understand our clients needs before we think of our own.

Below we have a list of once off services (carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning) and contractual monthly cleaning services that we offer.