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Your office environment is your stage. Clients and your employees spend hours at your offices and nothing can be more disappointing than dirty floors, walls, windows and carpets to name a few areas. An unhygienic working environment also means unproductive employees. This is where we step in with the best office cleaning services Cape Town can offer. With weClean we make this our mission, to offer you a clean and hygienic office environment for your clients and employees.

Imagine walking into a working environment where surfaces were dust free, your computer screen has no finger prints on it and your keyboard has no bread crumbs in it! Forget about those coffee cups that keep piling up! With weClean we will tailor make a cleaning solution for your offices and working environment at excellent pricing options.

Our office cleaning team members are well trained and often trained on site by one of the owners or Manager’s of weClean.

Many companies are now going green, With weClean we are on board and are also going green. We use bio degradable chemicals which are also not harmful. We believe that selecting the correct chemicals to clean office environments are of utmost importance as some employees may suffer from allergies; some chemicals may cause reactions if inhaled or touched.

We have all been through the stress of staff not pitching up for work, disciplinary issues and other problems. Make this our problem, not yours. weClean will take care of all UIF, WCA and any other staffing issues related to our cleaning team. No more hassles!

Contractual agreements are there to protect both parties. weClean offers the following; a minimum of 3 half days per week excluding chemicals and equipment and the maximum of daily cleaning services which can either include or exclude chemicals and equipment. Each site has their own cleaning needs so speak to us to see how we can assist you with your cleaning needs.

Safety and security in the cleaning industry plays a big role in the decision making process and trust is a huge factor to consider when employing someone. weClean will do thorough back ground checks on all team employed and where necessary we will also do criminal checks.

weClean Management is hands on and available at short notice should problems arise.

Let weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions assist your business with office cleaning services in Cape Town. We also have references if need be.

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Our Promise: To properly evaluate your requirements and provide a quality service