How much do cleaning services charge in Cape Town

how much do cleaning services charge in cape town

There are many cleaning companies in Cape Town and most of these companies have set prices for the variety of services that they offer.

Some cleaning companies may specialize in only certain types of cleaning and others may offer a full range of services to assist with cleaning in most situations.

Today we will discuss how much cleaning services charge for their services in Cape Town, South Africa.

Day to Day Domestic Cleaning Prices

Accurate rates are usually acquired once an on-site inspection has taken place. The size of your home and general cleanliness are taken into account when providing a quotation. Some cleaning companies may charge different rates depending on where you are situated as travelling costs need to be calculated in the final price. The average price is approximately R450.00 per day or depending on the tasks and if the service includes more than one cleaner the price could be anywhere between R200.00 and R1500.00 per day.

Day to Day Office Cleaning Prices

Outsourcing of your office cleaning requirements can be useful, especially for busy office environments. Some cleaning companies require a site inspection beforehand and some may only require some information such as the size of your office in square meters, how many staff work in the office, how many days and hours per week that you may require a cleaner or cleaners. This is usually sufficient to provide accurate pricing. You may require the cleaning company to include or exclude chemicals and equipment which will also affect the price. For general office cleaning on a daily basis rates may start from R300.00 up to R495.00. Half day monthly contracts may start from R5000.00 and full day monthly contracts in the region of around R8000.00 per month. Some pricing could include or exclude 15% Vat.

Other cleaning services – Deep Cleaning of carpets and upholstery

These services are often priced according to the size of the rooms in square meters or the size and amount of seats of your upholstered furniture or the size of your mattress. Some cleaning companies may have minimum charges that range between R550.00 to R1000.00 the average would be in the region of R750.00

Some carpet cleaning companies also offer a “Collect and deliver” service, the pricing for this will take the distance into consideration that will be travelled to collect and deliver your items again.

In conclusion, the cost of any cleaning service differs from company to company as each company has different overhead costs that are factored in when providing pricing.

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