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weClean offers upholstery cleaning in Cape Town. Most homes in Cape Town are filled with upholstered items, such as sofas, ottomans or even perhaps an office chair.

Your couch may look clean on the outside, but dust and impurities do get trapped in the fibres. Vacuuming your upholstery often can help in keeping it clean. At minimum vacuuming once a week is a good guideline to keeping the upholstery clean. As spills happen, be sure to clean them up immediately, or risk the upholstery being stained forever. Yes, certain liquids can stain the fabric making it very difficult for professional cleaners to remove them. Another tip is to never use harsh ammoniated cleaners to clean up spills. Always blot the area first with a sponge or cloth, then use a heavily diluted solution of dish washing liquid which should not change the colour fastness of the upholstery. Be sure to blot up as much of the moisture as possible and let it dry naturally. If this does not improve the look of the stain, do not leave it for too long; instead, look for an upholstery cleaning service in Cape Town to assist you in cleaning the upholstery.

The method used by weClean is the injection extraction method, where we use cold water and specially formulated chemicals that gets sprayed at high pressure into the upholstery, agitated and then extracted by industrial strength vacuum suction to remove the impurities from the upholstery. The suction is so powerful the upholstery is not left soaking wet and can dry quickly and naturally.

Using a hired machine is also an option, but make sure that the chemicals are safe and do not discolour your upholstery, test it on an hidden area first before applying it to the rest of the fabric. Also make sure that the suction power is sufficient in the rented unit as some do not do the same job as a professional industrial machine.

Our services are owner supervised and managed. We bring all our own equipment and chemicals.

This method is successfully used on carpets, mattresses, office chairs and upholstery.

We cover most areas in Cape Town.

Call us or email us for an obligation free quote. The process is simple, quick and easy which will save you time and money.



We changed to weClean in January 2012 and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I am so grateful that we made the decision to hire them.
Shannon Hampton
Shannon Hampton
Prince Charles Mansions Trustee
We enlisted weClean in October 2011 to assist in the industrial cleaning of a roof space prior to the commencement of construction. Reliable, willing and committed. Impressed!
Gregory. J. Mann
Gregory. J. Mann
Adrian and team, thank you so much for the awesome job you did on our “move-in” clean. Everything is so clean, sparkly, shiny and fresh-smelling, and, for the first time ever, I feel happy to just move in.


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