Winter season is in full swing, during this time viruses and germs spread easily, often making family members in the home ill. How does this happen? The person who is ill leaves traces of the virus on surfaces or is spreading the virus by coughing and sneezing droplets into the air. Today we talk about how to disinfect your home when someone in the family is ill.

First step – Isolate the sick family member.

When someone gets the flu the virus is spread by coughing and sneezing and then touching surfaces and objects in the home. By isolating the sick person in another room will help slow down or stop the spread of the flu or cold to others in the home environment.

Second Step – Clean all the bedrooms.


When we are all ill we spend most of our time in bed, leaving behind traces of the cold or flu. Our bed side tables, head boards, blankets, duvets and pillows will need to be cleaned thoroughly. Even kids teddy bears could do with a wash.

Third Step – Disinfect all high touch areas and items

As we all know we are living in times when disinfecting has become the norm in the home and at work. Disinfecting in the home should already be a routine that everyone practices. Start by wiping door handles, counter tops, fridge handles, light switches, TV remote controls and cell phones. By disinfecting or sanitising these surfaces you will minimise the spread of germs in the home.


Fourth Step – disinfect the bathrooms

The bathroom in any home is often a communal one in many South African homes. This means that special attention needs to be given to the bathroom surfaces. Cleaning agents used in the bathroom should contain anti-bacterial disinfectants. At weClean we use Eco-Lyte for disinfection and is also suitable for using in the bathroom as it can also kill mould. Wipe down the following surfaces and high touch points in the bathroom; door handles, tap heads in the basin and shower, toilet seats and flush handles. Mop the floor regularly and also wipe the walls using disinfectant as often as possible.

Fifth Step – Kitchen disinfection

If you’re the one who’s not feeling well in the home, it would be best not to take on the cooking duties until you’re feeling well again. Ensure that hand washing and hygiene is top priority in the kitchen as this is where germs can spread easily. Wipe down all high touch surfaces such as the fridge door handle, cupboard handles and any other kitchen appliances that are frequently used by the family.


Sixth Step – Disinfect all other living areas

The lounge area is where the family gets together to relax and unwind. If the ill family member is using the living room preferably stick to using one chair and if necessary cover the chair with a sheet that can be washed regularly.

Seventh and final step – Laundry cleaning

Remove the bedding linen, clothing and any other items that can be washed and place those in the washing machine. In some instances you may even want to get the mattress deep cleaned by professional cleaners.



With so much going on in the World, it can be stressful and scary at times so knowing how to disinfect your home is another way to put your mind at ease. For other disinfection services such as ULV fogging for disinfection you can contact weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions.