Cleaning and sanitising tips for restaurants

Restaurants have been hit hardest during the Covid-19 pandemic. In South Africa, lockdowns have affected many businesses some even having to close down due to Government imposed lockdown laws that were put in place to stop or slow the spread of Covid-19.

Now more than ever restaurants have implemented cleaning and sanitising regimes within their establishments to keep their clients and staff safe. Some restaurants display their cleaning policies on their websites and in their front of house so that their patrons can see the precautions taken for their safety.

If you are a Chef, a restaurant owner or Manager we are sure that by now you have your cleaning schedules and plans in place. We have however compiled a simplified list of cleaning and sanitising tips for restaurants to implement or adjust as you see fit.

Number 1: Create cleaning checklists – These checklists have more than likely been created already. We do however recommend that each duty be assigned to staff within the restaurant so that there is a form of accountability for the completion of each cleaning or disinfecting task.


Number 2: Choose effective cleaning products – In South Africa we have many chemical producers and suppliers available. We also have over the counter products that can tackle the job too. When choosing suitable chemicals, look for the food grade sanitisers that can be used in restaurants and kitchens. SABS approved food safe chemicals are available at most chemical suppliers. Ensure that your staff are trained on the correct usage and dilution ratios for the chemicals you choose to sanitise with. At weClean we recommend Eco-Lyte to disinfect surfaces where food is prepared or served.


Number 3: Do your staff practice good hygiene habits? – Regular hand washing and sanitising is of high importance in the food industry. Remind all the staff working in your restaurant by putting up signage that reminds staff to wash their hands regularly, how to wear their masks correctly and how to dispose of the masks used once their shift is over. Another top tip is to sanitise your hands before handling your mask.

Number 4: Do you focus on the high touch areas?With many clients and staff moving in and out of the restaurant touching door handles, tables, chairs and restroom surfaces. Sanitising or disinfecting these high touch areas regularly can help to stop the spread of germs and viruses. Wiping of credit card terminals or any other electronic devices also need to be taken into consideration as these get passed around and touched by many people all day long.

Number 5: Safe delivery methods – Due to the various lockdown levels and adjustments to those levels, many restaurants have relied on delivery services such as Uber Eats or Mr D Food to deliver to clients. Some restaurants use their own delivery drivers too. Ensure that drivers are adhering to regular hand sanitising. Try to get clients to pay beforehand so that this limits the contact and exchanging of cash. Contactless delivery has become the norm due to the pandemic, place orders on the porch with a 1.5m distance between your driver and the client.


We hope that we have provided some useful Cleaning and sanitising tips for restaurants.

Plan ahead for each day when it comes to cleaning and sanitising your restaurant so that the process becomes a habit which saves time and promotes a clean and sanitised environment for your staff and clients.

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