Keeping your commercial or industrial warehouse clean is an important factor in any successful business operation. Whether your business stores computer components, boxes or even clothing, the function of warehouse cleaning is on the list of high priority duties. This is why we created the ultimate warehouse cleaning checklist.

Your stock holding is an asset that must be taken care of in the best way possible and part of that is the responsibility of keeping stock clean, dust free and stored safely so that products do not break or get damaged.

Not only is warehouse cleaning an important factor for protecting your stock holding it also contributes to the health and safety factor and the smooth running of your warehousing operation.


Checklists can be broken down into monthly, weekly or daily tasks.


These tasks are usually the basics that must be taken care of daily such as emptying of refuse bins next to desks. Sweeping and mopping tiled or smooth surface flooring. Remove any broken pallets. Picking up litter or packing up off the main warehouse floor. Vacuuming of office carpets. Cleaning dishes in the communal kitchen. Sanitising and cleaning of bathroom floors, toilets, urinals and wash basins.


These takes are for areas and fixtures that do not require daily cleaning but can become dusty over time. Storage rooms to be dusted and reorganised. Light fittings or overhead ceiling fans to be wiped. Window blinds, window sills and glass partitions or windows to be cleaned and polished. Skirting boards, doors and door frames are some examples. In the bathroom focus on hard to reach areas behind toilet, above toilet stall doors (these can get very dusty). On the exterior of the warehouse, make sure that all used or broken pallets are cleared out and collected. Sweep all gutters to make sure these are free of blockages. Blocked drainage systems can cause havoc in the warehouse should there be an incident of flooding. Water damage to stock could lead up to huge losses for your business.


Monthly floor deep cleaning should also be part of the cleaning routine. Check floor coatings to make sure that new layers of polish or protective coatings are applied correctly. In the warehouse office, check for any chair upholstery that may require deep cleaning. In the kitchen, clear out the fridge and wipe down all the surfaces inside the fridge. Check kitchen storage cupboards to make sure they are wiped down and cleaned. In the bathrooms check for any signs of mould growth and treat these areas accordingly with the correct chemical solutions. On the exterior of the building certain flooring surfaces and walls may need to be washed down with a high pressure hose. Clear any weeds that have accumulated over time around the warehouse buildings.

Should you outsource or employ your own cleaners?

We are often asked this question at weClean. The answer is not always an easy one as there are different factors to consider when considering using a professional cleaning service. There are benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service for your warehouse.

  1. Professional Cleaning Companies have the experience required to carry out the cleaning duties, saving you time and money in the long run.
  2. They have the specialised equipment required to carry out the cleaning tasks.
  3. Cleaning companies offer on-site training.
  4. All employee benefits must be taken care of by the cleaning company. Which means no extra HR work for your business.

A clean, organised and well run warehouse leaves a positive impression on your clients and suppliers. It also creates a productive work environment for your employees. A dirty and cluttered warehousing environment may encourage your clients to take their business elsewhere.



Photo by Adrian Sulyok on Unsplash