Why is window cleaning important?

Nothing beats shiny and clean glass windows in your home or in the office. It often makes no difference if the inside of your home or office is clean but your windows are still dirty, this can make your home or building look unappealing to visitors. Clean, well maintained windows add value to your property and shows that you take pride in your home or office.

Reduce maintenance costs

Keeping windows, window hinges and sliding door tracks well maintained and cleaned could save you thousands of Rands in maintenance costs. Window hinges can become worn and so can window handles, by not keeping them clean the buildup of dust and debris can cause failure of the moving parts. Regular cleaning helps you spot problems before they become a bigger problem later on.

Hard water stains, acid rain and tree sap can cause problems on your glass if they are not cleaned regularly using the correct methods and the correct cleaning solutions. For example, scraping tree sap off your windows can cause scratches that look unsightly, this can be prevented by using some rubbing alcohol instead.

Safety first

Depending on where the windows are situated, window cleaning can often be a risky job if the windows are not reachable using a regular ladder. Professional window cleaning companies have well trained teams and they have the correct equipment to carry out the high level window cleaning. There have also been advancements in the way windows are cleaned, such as using very long water fed poles, this is usually for buildings up to about 5-storey’s high. For high rise buildings, rope access is often used and would require all the necessary health and safety documents and training to be done. Training for rope access and working at height can be done at The Institute for work at height.

Saving you time

So, should you be using a window cleaning company for your window cleaning requirements? Well, this depends on various factors such as how much time you have to clean them yourself and if you have the correct equipment and chemicals. If you have a smaller home and have the time, then cleaning the windows yourself can also save you on the costs for hiring a window cleaning company. However larger homes and double storey homes may require more specialized equipment and trained window cleaners. Large high rise buildings usually requires a planned window cleaning maintenance plan for ongoing window cleaning. Many window cleaning companies provide service agreements for an ongoing window cleaning maintenance plan.


Windows are an investment and looking after that investment would be in your best interest. Windows provide natural light and warmth from the sun into homes and offices which can reduce electricity costs.