7 Best Office Cleaning Tips

Here were have listed the 7 best office cleaning tips on the Internet.

1. Reorganising office items

Your office is usually a busy environment and all the hustle and bustle can cause your desk and other areas to look like a bit of a mess.

Start by reorganising your desk area by placing documents into filing systems, this will help to de-clutter your desk area.

Arrange pens, stationery items and any other office supplies neatly in place. Clear out any items you have not used in a long time. This will make space in areas that require it and this will make each area including your desk look a lot cleaner and not like you have been hoarding unnecessary items.

The desk area is one of the most important, keeping only the most necessary items on your desk is the way to go, place items you use regularly close by to your computer for easy reach. Share this idea with your colleagues to keep the office looking organised with less clutter.

2. Create good habits for daily cleaning

If your office does not employ an office cleaner or an office cleaning service. Create a schedule and share the responsibilities with those in the office to empty the bins at each desk, ensure these bins are cleaned out as well. Dirty refuse bins are a breeding ground for germs and those germs can easily spread around the office.

Vacuum and mop tiled floors by setting aside a few minutes in the morning or at the end of each day. The accumulation of dust can cause allergy problems for employees which can lead to absenteeism which then leads to less productivity.

Dividing these duties amongst your office employees does lighten the load and will save time instead of trying to complete all the duties in one go.

7 best office cleaning tips

3. Don’t leave a mess for later – tackle it now

When we’re at home we all know that doing the dishes after each meal can be a bit unpleasant, especially if you do not have a dishwasher. So after your lunch or tea break, instead of placing the dish or cup into the kitchen sink, rather wash the cup or dish, dry it and pack it away. This once again keeps the kitchen area cleaner for longer periods and save time. It makes sense to clean and go than leave a mess that can take forever to clean up!

4. Office fabrics and carpeted floors

Have you had a look at your reception area or at your office chair lately? Notice any stains or the surface of the upholstery looking a bit dusty? At minimum once a month take the time to vacuum your office upholstery including the carpets. Try to get into all the grooves as well. We do not often see it but in between office chairs and office reception chairs, there are crumbs, pieces of paper and even coins that get stuck there. Then once a year hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your office chairs, sofas and carpets. Cleaning companies have the machines and suitable chemicals to deep cleaning these items in your office. Deep cleaning these items creates a lasting impression to your visitors and also creates a healthy and hygienic environment for your employees.

5. Clean your office equipment

To prolong the life of electronic equipment, such as laptops, screens, printers and even the kitchen fridge. These need to be cleaned regularly.

Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions by purchasing the correct cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions for specific items. For example computer screens need to be wiped with a soft microfiber cloth and a screen cleaning chemical, this ensures that you do not damage or scratch the screen surface. Get into the small areas such as keyboards by using a cotton bud to get around the keys. For some keyboards you can also purchase a can of air spray, this will help to dislodge any fibres or even food crumbs that may have gotten stuck in between the keys. Microfibre cloths do the trick when it comes to keeping office equipment and appliances clean and dust free.

office hygiene

6. No eating at the desk!

Instead of eating at your desk, create a no eating at the desk policy for your employees. If they are too busy take the hour lunch break away from their desk, then enforce a 30 minutes away from the desk to eat policy. Eating at your desk leaves behind crumbs, oily surfaces and oily fingerprints. Spills can damage their laptops and leave stains on office carpets. Taking time away from your desk for a lunch break will not only leave you feeling refreshed when you return but will improve your productivity. Working all day without a break from your desk can’t be a good thing!

7. Lastly – Disinfecting and sanitising

We are experiencing unprecedented times during the current pandemic. Some offices have closed completely and many businesses have decided to adapt to working from home. For those that are still working from offices away from home, the new normal has taught us to be extra careful when it comes to working with other people in any working environment, so sanitising and disinfecting have become paramount to any workplace cleaning regime.

First purchase suitable sanitising or disinfectant for surfaces. Hand sanitiser should also be available for employees and visitors to use. A daily schedule should be set for disinfecting high touch areas throughout the day. Door handles in communal areas and entrances should be disinfected regularly. Kitchen surfaces and taps at the kitchen sink should be wiped after every use. In the restroom, toilet surfaces and wash basin taps should also be wiped with disinfectant regularly or after every use. While there is a difference between disinfecting and sanitising both provide a hygienic environment for employees and visitors.

Thank you for reading the 7 best office cleaning tips. For more advise or information about office cleaning, speak to us at weClean. We provide office cleaning services and we also provide office disinfection services using the ULV fogging method which is a fast and effective way of quickly disinfecting your workplace so you can get back to business.