Building Facilities Maintenance Tips

Keep your commercial or residential building looking in tip top condition all year round. If you own or Manage a building, we have listed some important building facilities maintenance tips to help you maintain your investment.

Inspect rain water gutters and pipes

In the winter month’s we often experience heavy rainfall in the Western Cape. Roof gutters can often get filled with leaves, sand and other debris over time. If you are not cleaning out these gutters regularly at minimum twice a year, this can cause damage to your walls as the water runs off down the wall causing damage to paint and wall surfaces. Depending on how full your gutters can get, they can also swell and start to sag.


Inspect your roof

Gutters are important but more importantly your roof needs to be inspected regularly too. Depending on the type of roof you have, inspect for broken, cracked or tiles that may shifted out of place. If possible get into the roof area to inspect from the inside to look for any possible leaks. Roof cleaning will also help to remove moss and algae.

Inspect your plumbing regularly

Over time your building will at some point require plumbing maintenance or repair work. Before you end up with a major leak which could flood your building, you should check; taps, toilets, showers and any visible pipes for wear and tear or leaks. A professional plumber can assist with inspecting your buildings plumbing to identify any problems before they cause any major damage.


Fire Hazards in and around the building

Fire safety for any building should be a top priority and form an important part of your building maintenance programme. Always ensure that fire alarms are in working condition, fire extinguishers are inspected, not expired and easily accessible. Check the building for possible fire hazards such as broken or frayed electrical wires or exposed plug points. If there are chemicals or other flammable chemicals stored in your building, ensure that they are stored correctly as per supplier’s directions. Ensure that your evacuation plan is visible to all users of the building.


Window Maintenance and Cleaning

Dirty windows can spoil the overall appearance of your building and may also bring down the value of your building. A window cleaning maintenance plan should be in place to keep your building windows looking clean for longer periods of time. High rise buildings may require a specialised setup with anchor bolts placed on the roof area which will provide window cleaners with easier access to clean all the windows that might not be reachable using ladders. Scaffolding can also cost quite a bit to setup if only being used for window cleaning. Leaving windows uncleaned for long periods of time can cause problems such as hard water stains on the glass which are almost impossible to remove. If you are unable to clean the windows yourself, it is always recommended to use a window cleaning company that has the correct health and safety protocols in place to safely take care of the window cleaning and maintenance.


Neglecting your building can often cause major problems if they are not dealt with regularly. We have all heard the saying “prevention is better than cure”. For any contractual cleaning services you may require for your business or buidling, get in touch with us. or call us on 0218026450/1