Natural DIY Cleaning Solutions

We have seen many posts and links being shared about Natural DIY Cleaning Solutions or Natural Cleaning tips that are environmentally friendly.
Before we get started with our Natural DIY Cleaning Tips, we thought it would be best to list some precautions first.
Never mix bleach, chlorine or ammonia based chemicals together. Before mixing different types of over the counter chemicals always read the label first. Always store chemicals in a dry, cool area where children cannot access the chemicals easily.
Thankfully natural cleaning solutions do not always contain unsafe ingredients.

All Purpose cleaner – LEMON or LIME and vinegar

To create this great all-purpose cleaner, all you need is a few lemon or lime skins and the juice, with some vinegar and water placed into a jar. Allow the mixture to infuse for a day or two, then place the mixture into a spray bottle. Now you can use this mixture to clean and disinfect most surfaces around your home or office.

Tackle the Mould using a Tea Tree oil Solution

This mixture may not be completely as effective as bleach but it can help in keeping mould at bay. Simply use a mixture of two tea spoon of tea tree oil and two cups of water. Spray on to the affected areas.

White Vinegar cleaning Solution

Vinegar has been used for cleaning for many years.

A basic solution of 1 part water and 1 part water, Vinegar can be used to clean your shower head and taps in the bathroom, basically this can be used as an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to help keep mould and mildew away.

A cup of Vinegar and Baking Soda can also help clean the inside of your washing machine. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using this solution as some plastics and rubbers may be affected by this solution.

Do you have a coffee maker at home? Vinegar can also be run through the machine every now and then. Vinegar can naturally sanitise the coffee machine.

Our final Vinegar tip for our Cape Town residents. Have you been collecting water at the Newlands Spring? Always check the inside of your water containers. If they are not covered up in a dark area, you may experience an algae build up. So before each collection at the Spring, put some vinegar into the container with a bit of water and shake the container ensuring the Vinegar and water solution makes contact with all of the inside surface of the container. This will keep your containers sanitised naturally.

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