Coronavirus – Covid-19 frequently asked questions

Since receiving the news on Sunday of the “national state of disaster” and days leading up to the announcement, we have been keeping all of our employees informed and up to date with increased focus on all high risk areas within the environments that we carry out our cleaning services and cleaning tasks. We have communicated our business continuity plan to all of our clients during this time. We have realised that this is not a time to stop cleaning. This is the time to intensify hygiene in all aspects. This is also not the time to panic.

For more information regarding the Coronavirus disease 2019 visit reliable sources such as the SACORONA virus portal website or WHO / NICD

For more information and updates regarding Covid-19 a Whatsapp number has been made available to the public – 0600 123456

With lots of misinformation being shared around social media. The Western Cape Health Department has released a list of frequently asked questions.

The statement can be downloaded HERE.