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Workplace hygiene and sanitation is of utmost importance, not only now as we find ourselves in the grips of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but at all times this should be top priority.

At weClean we believe that sharing valuable information that can help our clients, teams and partners is necessary so that we can all grow and learn together to create hygienic and clean working environments. This is why we have made a checklist that can be used in most workplace environments specifically aimed at ensuring that the restrooms are clean and sanitary.

A FREE downloadable PDF Restroom cleaning checklist can be download at the end of this page.

A clean and hygienic restroom in the workplace offers a favourable impression to your clients. Employee health and product ivity is improved when the workplace is clean and sanitised.

At weClean we always recommend the following products for restroom cleaning and sanitising:

General all purpose cleaning – Dyna HD: used for general maintenance cleaning of walls, floors and most surfaces.

Bowlglo – Acid strength removes which removes heavy build up in toilets.

Germguard – for sanitising any surface, also safe on food surfaces

Chlorguard – Bleach for general disinfecting of surfaces

Perlebac – Antibacterial hand soap for topping up hand soap dispensers

Eco-Lyte – This is a Neutral Hypochlorous acid based disinfectant that can be used for fogging and general disinfecting of high touch areas. Effective against viruses and bacteria.

All the above mentioned chemicals can be purchased directly from weClean.


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