Body Corporate Cleaning Services Cape Town

What do our cleaners (janitors or caretakers) do on site?

  • Ensures the building and common areas are kept clean and neat at all times.
  • Sweep and mops various floor surfaces
  • Cleans and polishes windows
  • Disinfects hand rails and high touch points.
  • Cleans and polishes stainless steel and metal surfaces.
  • Cleans and disinfects restrooms, tops up hand soap, toilet paper and hand towel as required
  • Responds to emergencies such as spills that need to be cleaned up urgently to avoid accidents.
  • Floor tile scrubbing and polishing.
  • Collects and removes refuse to designated areas or refuse rooms.
  • Prepares the refuse / recycling materials for collection.
  • Cleans and sanitises refuse bins and refuse rooms.
  • Additional duties could be gardening and upkeep of the lawns as required
  • Reports maintenance problems such as blocked drains or light bulbs that need to be replaced.

These duties are a few of the important functions of our cleaners that clean apartment complexes, commercial buildings and retail centres or retail stores.

Cleaners and Janitors are important roles that often get overlooked. We often take what they do for granted. We would be well aware of their importance if they didn’t carry out their important duties daily. Imagine an untidy building entrance area where your clients or residents enter daily, this creates a bad impression for your business or apartment complex. This is why cleaners and caretakers are required as part of your building maintenance programme.

On-going training is provided on site to ensure that our cleaners are always being updated about new chemicals and health and safety aspects that affect the important role they carry out.

Our Management team is hands on and ensures that these duties are carried out timeously and efficiently. Our Management team is available 24-7 for our clients. We have high standards and so do our clients, this is why weClean is one of the best choices for body corporate cleaning services in Cape Town.

If you would like to find out more about why more clients are choosing weClean for their cleaning requirements contact us today for a free estimate for cleaning your building or apartment complex.

Trust weClean to take care of the hassle that comes with the job we love to do.