Why you should be cleaning your mattress

Being Valentine ’s Day today we thought we’d talk about who we’re actually sleeping with in our beds besides our partners. Yes, were talking about creepy crawlies, dust mites or even the dreaded bed bug! But it doesn’t end there unfortunately. Mattresses are also a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and yeasts. So let’s talk about why you should be cleaning your mattress.

Did you know that as your mattress ages your mattress actually gains some weight?! How much weight that is were not sure, but we know that it does because every day your body is shedding skin and those nasty dust mites also need to visit the loo, so there’s the feces of the dust mite that adds to the weight too.

With all that said, can your mattress make you sick? Yes it sure can, you’re breathing in mould spores while you’re sleeping, dust mites can cause allergic reactions too.

We have compiled a few tips explaining why you should be cleaning your mattress.

  1. Air your mattress regularly. When you wake up in the morning, leave the covers off for a while before making up the bed. This allows the bed to cool a bit. The moisture or sweat from your body can make the mattress damp. To slow down the process of mould forming remove all the covers once a week and allow the mattress to breath. Exposing the mattress to direct UV sunlight can also help in killing off mould spores before they start to form.
  2. Wash your pillow cases and covers in hot water regularly.
  3. Vacuum your mattress once a week.
  4. Buy a mattress protector. This protects against spills and stains.
  5. If you happen to spill a liquid on your mattress, clean it up immediately. Mattresses can stain easily and those stains are often very difficult to remove!

If all else fails. Call in the professionals to help you clean your mattress. At weClean we have been cleaning mattresses for a few years now. We have achieved great results on stains although some are stubborn at times. Mattress deep cleaning is essential for the health and well-being of your family. Speak to us today about your mattress cleaning requirements.