Top tips for office spring cleaning

Here we have listed some top tips for office spring cleaning.

Another month or so to go and Spring will arrive in Cape Town. Weather will start to warm up, flower and whale season will start, once these signs are present you know it’s the best time to start spring cleaning.

Look around your office, is there anything that you really do not need that can actually be sent to rubbish bin? Perhaps you have a broken stapler laying around, dump it.

  • Re-organise – go through all your old paper work and get rid of the paper you don’t need, this can be recycled too.
  • Grab the vacuum and get behind your desk, suck up all the dust and then clean all the cords behind your desk. Be sure to unplug the     power if you’re going to use a damp cloth.
  • This may be a strange one, but go through all your pens. Those that are not working, rather dump those too.
  • Computer equipment, these need a good dusting too, wipe all these surfaces and in hard to reach places like those crumbs stuck in your keyboard, use a vacuum or a can of air spray to suck or blow those bits stuck in between the keys.
  • Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean physical cleaning. Sometimes you need to spring clean your mailbox too. Organise your e-mail and delete old junk mail too. This can free up much needed hard drive space
  • If all else fails and you are way too busy to spring clean your office, perhaps it’s time to look for a cleaning service to take care of your cleaning needs.

At weClean we offer office carpet deep cleaning and office chair deep cleaning. These cleaning methods are best done by the professionals for the best results.

We hope you find these office spring cleaning tips useful.