How to remove chocolate stains from a leather couch

The removal of chocolate stains from a leather sofa can be a nightmare. In the event that it is done incorrectly, it can ruin the item. It is one of the toughest elements of domestic cleaning to master, but it’s not impossible to do.

Why is chocolate so difficult to remove?
Many people love eating chocolate, but when it drops onto a leather sofa, it can leave a sticky mess. Where the sofa is a light colour, such as beige or white, it can make the sofa look very unpleasant. It is also difficult to remove, as chocolate tends to cling onto any item that it falls on.

Removing chocolate the easy way
When chocolate drops onto a leather sofa, it is best to try to blot it rather than rubbing it. Rubbing chocolate onto leather will only cause the chocolate to spread. Use a spoon to remove some of the chocolate off the sofa. Be careful not to puncture the leather with the spoon. The next step is to concoct a mixture of soap with warm water. Using a sponge or a clean dish cloth, apply the solution to the leather sofa. When this has been done, use a clean dish cloth to dry it.

Removing chocolate the hard way
There are also more unconventional methods in order to remove the chocolate stain from the leather sofa. These tips are invaluable to use as a part of domestic cleaning and are relatively easy to carry out.

Removing the chocolate stain using cornmeal
An alternative method to removing the chocolate stain from the leather sofa is to use corn
meal. In order to do this, sprinkle some cornmeal on the affected area of leather. Leave the cornmeal on the leather before brushing it off gently. It is best to use a dish cloth or some kitchen paper as a brush could damage the leather sofa and to leave the cornmeal on the leather sofa overnight, so it can absorb into the leather. This method may have to be applied more than once in order for the chocolate stain to be removed. Using cornmeal on a leather sofa should be applied when the chocolate stain is stubborn to remove. After that, use some saddle soap in order that the leather is conditioned.

Removing the chocolate stain using ice cubes
Another method to removing chocolate from a leather sofa is by using some ice cubes.
Place the ice cubes in a plastic bag, before putting the bag on the affected chocolate area of the sofa. This method usually makes the chocolate easier to scrape off. After that has been done, using a spoon, try to remove the chocolate. In the event that the stain hasn’t been removed, make a solution of water and soap, placing a sponge or a dish cloth into the solution before lightly pressing the sponge on the leather sofa. This should help to remove the stain. The final step is to dry the leather sofa with a dish cloth.

Removing the chocolate stain using lemon juice and tartar
This is an unusual method in domestic cleaning, but it can work. Prepare a solution which is half lemon juice and half cream of tartar in a bowl. Mix into a paste, before applying the solution onto the leather sofa using a dish cloth. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes, before putting on a second application. After that, use a dish cloth immersed in soap and water to remove the solution from the sofa and leave the sofa to dry.

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