Are you looking for a cleaning service in Claremont Cape Town?

At weClean we only offer the best in home and commercial cleaning services. Whether it be office, commercial or retail cleaning services, our team is ready to assist. We offer monthly, weekly and a minimum of 3 days per week for our commercial clients.

We believe a clean workplace or home is a safe place. A clean office increases productivity and decreases workplace absenteeism. A hygienic office reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria and this is how we can help you business, by cleaning surfaces such as desks, telephones, door handles which are frequently touched surfaces. The cleaning service agreement may vary depending on the cleaning tasks, hours and days that our cleaners are required to carry out the cleaning duties.

When it comes to cleaning of apartments and homes, we do not cut corners, we clean them! We can assist you with once off carpet, upholstery or mattress deep cleaning.

Do you have dirty carpets in your home or office? If you are based in Claremont we are only a call away and can assist you with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning services. To book your clean we make this process easy for you. Simply email us: or call 0218026451 to book your next clean.


Did you know that your body can shed up to half a billion skin cells a day? This is according to WebMD

Dust mites and bed bugs can cause serious skin irritation, this is why frequent vacuuming and exposure to sunlight is very important for your mattress and your health. Mattress deep cleaning is required at minimum once per year. DIY mattress cleaning may be an option for some but what we have found is that often DIY cleaning can leave the mattress too wet for long periods of time which can cause mould or odour problems. Our machines are powerful and remove most of the moisture out of the mattress once we are done cleaning, ensuring quick drying times. Speak to us today about your mattress cleaning requirements by clicking the contact us button below and completing our contact form.