Cutting the cost of your cleaning bill each month seems to be a goal for many businesses, facility managers and households. There are two options when it comes to how to reduce cleaning costs, one is labour and the other would be cleaning chemicals and equipment. Today we will talk about the various option’s available to reduce cleaning costs.


  1. Avoid purchasing cleaning chemicals that you have not previously tested. Many commercial chemical suppliers will provide samples to test out before purchasing. Reach out to these suppliers to find the best price and best product for the surface you need to clean.
  2. Cheap equipment and chemicals vs Quality equipment and chemicals. Sometimes buying the cheapest broom or mop does not necessarily mean that you are reducing costs. This often means that the cheaper equipment may not last as long as the better quality, more expensive equipment. The same applies to chemicals, some cheaper chemicals do not clean as well. This can often increase labour costs or make the cleaning job a bit more difficult to complete.
  3. Buy in Bulk. Often purchasing a 25L drum of your preferred tile or all purpose cleaner will cost less than purchasing several 5L containers. Many cleaning chemical suppliers offer discounts for purchasing goods in bulk.
  4. Buy multi surface cleaners. Cleaning chemicals have improved over the years and many multi-surface cleaners can replace three to four different cleaning chemicals at a time. Use one cleaning chemical solution for desks and tiled flooring. Some multi-surface cleaning chemicals are concentrated and only require water to be added for final application. Buying concentrated solutions can reduce costs too.
  5. Train your cleaning team. Some cleaning equipment can be pretty expensive. Failure to train cleaners correctly on the use of machinery can cause huge expenses that business do not often budget for. Simple tasks such as ensuring that vacuum cleaners are cleaned out regularly and filters are checked and cleaned out regularly can save you the cost of replacing a vacuum motor. Train cleaners on how to use cleaning chemicals correctly to reduce wastage. A properly trained employee can save you money.
  6. Hire a commercial cleaning service. Commercial cleaners such as weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions (Pty) Ltd use cleaning chemicals and equipment designed to save time and reduce costs in most situations. Commercial cleaners have the experience to clean and sanitize the workplace quickly and efficiently, leaving your workplace clean and hygienic for employees and visitors. It is proven that a clean workplace can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase profitability.

Does your business need to hire a contract cleaning service to show you how to reduce your cleaning costs? Speak to us about your cleaning requirements. Our services are available to most business environments. We offer cleaning services to offices, retails stores, shopping centres, educational facilities, apartment complexes and more.