Hand washing facts and good hand hygiene

Here are some hand washing facts!

One person in the office gets the flu, and soon everybody in their row has it. And as paranoid as people think they are about germs these days, with their antibacterial lotions and careful hand-washing, the truth is most of us still have no freaking idea where we’re picking up these germs.

But if you carried around a microscope everywhere you went, there are a whole lot of everyday things you’d be a lot more hesitant to touch.

The most unpleasant place most of us will visit this week is a nice, fragrant, poorly-maintained public restroom. Now, it’s no surprise to find the floor and urine-splattered toilet seat are crawling with germs (how many of you still haven’t figured out how to flush the toilet with your foot?) but that’s OK, because you still remember to pump that liquid soap onto your hands and wash the hell out of them before you leave.

Or it would be OK, if some of the soap wasn’t also full of germs. A study conducted by researchers revealed about a quarter of the of the soap dispensers in public restrooms were pumping out viable bacteria with each glob. Yes, the stuff that makes you sick was in the soap

The problem is most places were using refillable soap dispensers or manual dispensers, so contamination was happening when the employees were doing the refilling (the fancier kind of dispensers with sealed, disposable bags inside were clean, these can be supplied by weClean).

With the on going drought in South Africa we also need to be #waterwise when washing hands. There are ways to save water, by installing water saving tap heads. Using hand sanitiser also reduces the risk of spreading germs and wasting water.

These hand washing facts were proudly brought to you by weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions.