Get your office and work space hygiene sorted before winter

How do you take care of your work space hygiene?

We are heading into winter in South Africa and the Cape Town weather has been unpredictable lately. With the change of season’s there is usually an increase in illnesses in the workplace. Cold and flu being the most prevalent of the illnesses that are seen during winter.

So where do we start combating colds and flu? Getting the flu vaccination is one way. Take multivitamins and vitamin C to help your immune system fight infections before they start. With that being said, we are not medical practitioners, so do some research or see your doctor for advice on fighting cold and flu before infection starts.

In the office environment germs are spread through the air and contact with one another. Someone with the flu may have used your phone or mouse and then passed the flu on to you. Yes, this is how quickly and easily the flu can be spread.

Work space hygiene is of utmost importance during this time but should always be a priority for any work environment.

  1. Ensure that restrooms are well stocked with sanitising wipes or sanitising spray units.
  2. Keep a pack of sanitising wipes at your desk or buy some over the counter hand sanitiser
  3. Wash and sanitise your hands regularly. Don’t forget “World Hand Hygiene Day” the 5th May 2017

This will help keep germs at bay around your desk.

Regularly clean your desk surface, including your phone, mouse and keyboard.

A clean and hygienic office environment will help keep employees at work where they are meant to be productive and not at home sick in bed with the flu.

Speak to us about a healthy workplace environment. We are suppliers of hygiene equipment and chemicals in the Cape Town area and our core business is office cleaning services.