Floor cleaning tips

During winter in Cape Town, we have to deal with wet cold weather. This could cause problems for most indoor environments, such as the home or office. If you have carpets, tiles, laminated floors or wood floors, weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions has listed some floor cleaning tips to keep your floors clean and in tip top shape.

First things first, install or place a mat at all entrances, this will reduce the amount of dirt walked into the home or workplace.

Wood floor cleaning tips

It is not always easy to identify how wood floors have been sealed. First establish if the floors have been varnished or if they have been sealed with a wax treatment.

First sweep, or vacuum the area, ensuring that you do not scratch the surface. Then using a mop and a gentle ph neutral chemical mop the entire area. Be sure not to leave the mop too wet as this could damage the wood seal over time. Then using a microfiber mop head, dry the floor using the microfiber mop. This will also pick up any dust left behind.

Laminated floor cleaning tips

It is always best to use a microfiber pad when cleaning laminated floor, this will leave the floor streak free. Most spaghetti mops leave streaks behind and can also wet the floor much causing damage to the laminate flooring in the long run as the water can leak into the cracks. Try following manufacturer’s instructions, but if all else fails, speak to us at weClean as we also have suitable laminated floor cleaning solutions. These solutions are sprayed on to the laminated floor surface and then cleaned with the microfiber pad. If the pad gets too dirty whilst cleaning, simply remove and rinse then continue cleaning. To pick up any extra dust or hard to reach areas, use a vacuum to suck it up. Always make sure you use the correct vacuum attachment so that the surface does not get scratched.

Tiled floor cleaning tips

Tiles are a popular choice for most. They are hard wearing and easy to clean. Most tiles can be vacuumed and swept. A regular mop or a microfiber mop can be used to clean the floor surface but the best bet would be a microfiber pad to reduce streaks. Depending on the amount of traffic your tiles receive, you may need to look at floor tile deep cleaning to remove layers of dirt and chemical residue that have accumulated over time and that also get stuck between the grouting. The use of an automatic scrubber would be required. You can either hire one and do the job yourself, or hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the tile deep cleaning for you.

For any more floor cleaning tips, advice or concerns you have about cleaning specific types of floors, speak to us at weClean Professional Cleaning Solutions.