Top 10 tricks for easy carpet and rug cleaning

1) A good inspection of the flooring means less time and trouble spent during the difficult part of cleaning a carpet or rug. A thorough inspection at the earlier steps of the carpet cleaning is that little, yet quick and easy step, where you should only consider where the heavily worn areas are, the most stained ones or these that require more care while cleaning. From the play area to the adjacent areas to the dining table or the chairs – these are usually the spots, which see the heaviest daily traffic.
2) Pre-vacuuming is another quick and easy trick, which will help you to get rid of the loose dirt particles. If you`re lucky – you can easily clean the carpets with just a thorough vacuuming. Because of that, a great idea is to change the vacuum cleaner bag often or at least before every big clean.
3) Make a simple homemade detergent in a medium sized bowl. A detergent of hot water, powder laundry detergent and baking soda should play a great role for the elimination even of hard greasy spots from butter, margarine, tomato sauce or gravy. To get more power of the cleansing effect – it is just needed to let the solution to soak for about a few minutes and to dissolve the grease deep in the fibers of the carpet.
4) For spot treatment of stains – use a couple of more extra tools that you probably can find at home. It comes to a hair dryer and a grooming brush or an old toothbrush. The brush is perfect for wiping off the excess of the homemade detergent with the dissolved dirt, which works especially well on carpets with short fibers. On the other hand, the clean and wet spots should be exposed only a couple of minutes to the hair dryer to enhance the evaporation.
5) The areas under big heavy furnishings are usually cleaner, but the contact area between the furniture and the delicate carpet fibers may look darker, worn, pressed, shrink or with other indentations. To make them looking like new – just treat them with a clean towel damped in hot clean water. After a couple of minutes – clean the excess water by dabbing only and by applying a relatively great force. Then, a quick vacuuming should remove the wet traces and therefore to make the fibers fluffier like new. Very worn high traffic areas may not improve.
6) For cleaning the entire surface of heavily soiled carpets and rugs at home – a great idea is to replace them outdoors. A warm day in the springtime is a great choice for the house cleaning and thus for the carpets. Make sure that they are not drenched. This will save you a bigger mess by providing the same results and with a considerably less waiting time for drying.
7) The easiest trick to ensure clean and fresh look of the carpet right after deep cleaning is just to turn it on its backing, which is especially effective and impressive with two-sided carpets.
8) Rotating carpets or furniture is basically the same trick, but it is better to eliminate the chance of formation of any identification in some parts of the carpet due to the heavy weight of the sofa, for example.
9) Use eco-friendly solutions and detergents, especially if you have small kids or pets at home and you let them to play over the freshly cleaned carpets. More, you don`t have to leave the windows open due to the risk of breathing unhealthy volatile compounds.
10) Don`t expose carpets with natural fibers or hand-knotted rugs to a direct sunlight. It can cause staining, discoloration and other issues that need a specific treatment.