Office Chair cleaning at Groupon Cape Town

This short clip below shows our experienced technicians carrying out some office chair cleaning at the Groupon offices in Cape Town.

Office chair cleaning is very important in terms of hygiene in the office. Fresh and clean chair upholstery means healthy and productive employees!

Did you know that the average office desk has about 10 million bacteria on its surface? That’s more germs than a kitchen table or toilet seat. We transfer those germs by touching telephones, pens, documents and also on our office chairs. So it is safe to say that your office chair is covered in germs and bacteria.

Eating and snacking at your desk is also a sure way to spread germs, especially if you are not cleaning or sanitising the surfaces before you eat and after you eat at your desk. A simple routine can help slow down and stop the spread of germs by following a few simple steps such as cleaning up after you have eaten at your desk, use some sanitising wipes to clean off your working space, such as keyboards, mouse, telephone and computer screen. We suggest that your office chair be professionally cleaned every 6 months or at minimum once a year. Not only will this prolong the life of the upholstery but it will sanitise the upholstery and remove unwanted germs and accumulated dust particles.

Some of the common germs found in the office area:

Staphylococcus aureus – Found on door handles and most office surfaces.

Norovirus – Often found in the office area and is spread via food and water.

Ensuring a clean and hygienic office environment should be the priority of any business owner, it is a proven fact that a clean office environment improves absenteeism in the workplace. Office chair cleaning should be on the list of things to do.

If you would like a quotation on office chair cleaning, please contact us.