How to choose a cleaning service for your business

Every business owner and Manager knows that a clean, well presented office is of utmost importance. For this reason many opt for choosing a reputable and reliable office and commercial cleaning service. A clean office also promotes a healthy workplace for your employees that in turn can improve productivity in the workplace. A clean fresh appearance is also more inviting to your clients.

Choosing a cleaning service in the Cape Town area can be tedious process because as much as budget can be a factor there are also other important items to consider when selecting a cleaning service. One of those is; does the cleaning service provide provident fund for all their employees? In South Africa all registered cleaning services must provide all their cleaner with a provident fund. The contract cleaning sector pays contributions to the NBC.

Other important factors are; UIF and WCA. In an unfortunate accident in the workplace, it is important to ensure that the cleaning service is up to date with their Workmen’s compensation fund contributions.

UIF contributions are also not negotiable in South Africa. All employers should register any employee working more than 24 hours per month.

When considering a contract cleaning service for your office or commercial building, ensure that the items indicated above are included in the price quoted. Most cleaning services will also offer equipment and cleaning chemicals as well. This can often bring down costs of buying expensive chemicals and equipment purchased at the supermarket.

A professional cleaning service will also provide uniforms for their cleaners and in some cases depending on the environment, suitable safety shoes and rain coats will be provide as well. Each site should also have a Health and Safety file. Health and safety meetings should be held once a month at each site.

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