The search is over. Cleaning services Constantia has never been easier to find because at weClean we are ready to tackle the cleaning duties at your home or office in Constantia Cape Town. We offer the following cleaning services in Constantia: office & commercial cleaning, carpet, upholstery and mattress deep cleaning, fogging for disinfection.


We all know how dirty carpets can be an eyesore this is why it is important to regularly deep cleaning carpeted flooring. High traffic areas such as passage ways can wear down quickly if not given the attention it requires. Regular vacuuming does help to maintain carpeted surfaces, but deep cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpets and also keeps the carpet looking and feeling fresh and clean. To book your carpet deep cleaning service in Constantia, simply email us: or call us on 0713525550 / 0218026451.



A good night's rest is important and so is a clean mattress. Did you know that your mattress is covered in sweat, dead skin and dust mites? Airing your mattress and regular vacuuming does help keep your mattress clean for longer periods of time. At weClean we recommend that your mattresses are deep cleaned at minimum once a year. Mattress deep cleaning can help in removing unwanted dust mites and odours.