What if you could replace every detergent you use with      one single product?

Replaces all detergents in any home or business.

A New South African Innovation!

Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre bottles

Dilutes up to 1: 50 or 1: 100

Costing just cents per litre!

Effectiveness, Affordability, Safety and Efficiency!

What Can It Do?

Carpets, Tiles, Wood and Cement Floors

  • Safe and Effective
  • Quick drying
  • Removes stains, grease and grime
  • Safe to use in industrial and home cleaning machines

Dishes and Cutlery

  • All metals and plastics
  • Ovens, Pots, Pans and all other
  • Appliances stains and grease
  • Safe on designs and imprints
  • Safe to use in industrial and home dishwashers

Laundry and Stains

  • Whites
  • Delicates
  • Colours
  • Sneakers and Shoes
  • Safe to use in industrial and home washing machines

Upholstery and Leather

  • All materials
  • Removes stains
  • Safe on designs and imprints
  • Safe to use in industrial and home cleaning machines

Bathroom mirrors, basins showers and toilets.

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Removes stains, grease and grime
  • Leaves a subtle lemon aroma
  • Very effective and leaves no marks

Granite, Steel, Marble and Wood Counters

  • Safe and Effective Leaves surfaces sparkling clean and lemon scented
  • Removes stains, grease and grime
  • Quick and easy to use

Cars Interior, Exterior and engines

  • Perfect for fleets
  • Removes grease and grime from engines
  • Cleans windows, mirrors, wheels, interior leather and upholstery
  • Effective, Safe and Easy to use

Cleans Literally Everything!

  • Superior cleaning technology
  • Use only one chemical for ALL cleaning purposes
  • Cost effective cleaning product
  • Efficient Stock control (Only have one product to order and maintain).
  • Never again have product shortages


This is what some of our customers had to say

we“I spent about 2 days trying to get a line of spray paint off of the bonnet of my new car thanks to some vandals near my work. Nothing seemed to work and I was afraid of damaging the paint. My wife then got some Whizz-Chem from her office and gave it to me to try and to my surprise the spray paint just washed off!! I was advised not to use the concentrate on the paint but I made sure I washed it off immediately and my car looks brand new again!

This is truly a wonder detergent and I now use it for literally everything!”

Mr Olivier – Pretoria

“I had a problem with ants and cockroaches in my home and I have tried everything to get rid of trthem. A friend advised me to clean my kitchen everyday with Whizz-Chem and after about a week the ants and roaches were gone and my kitchen has never been cleaner.

.I’m happy to have such an effective product that is also safe around my family and pets!

Mrs Nell – Cape Town

sl“I own a few businesses in and around Gauteng and I’ve never struggled with cleaning chemicals before but after being referred to Whizz-Chem. I have found that I saved money, time and storage. I no longer need to phone 3 different suppliers and worry about training my staff on their different uses. Whizz-Chem cleans everything quickly and easily and my staff won’t use anything else.


Well done guys, you have a 1 in a million product there!”

Mr Smit – Johannesburg

Please note that the views expressed above are not the views or opinions of WeClean Professional Cleaning Solutions (Pty) Ltd

WeClean cannot be held responsible for incorrect dilution or use of this product